Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Metal Semi-Synthetic

XTREME CUT 250C is a premium, heavy-duty semi-synthetic fluid designed to provide optimum tool life and surface finish. This product is formulated for use on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which makes it well suited for job shop operations. XTREME CUT 250C also has excellent corrosion control for ferrous metals. The fluid has a tight emulsion to promote tramp oil rejection and exhibits excellent hard water stability. XTREME CUT 250C utilizes state-of-the-art raw materials to prevent the rotten egg odors associated with most soluble oils and semi-synthetic fluids, runs clean, has excellent bio resistance, and is low foaming. This is a test page we are working on.

XTREME CUT 250C is approved under Boeing’s BAC 5008 specification, PSD 6-128.

Typical Characteristics

  • The appearance of concentrate: Amber liquid
  • The appearance of emulsion: Semi-translucent, white
  • Density: 7.89 lbs./gal
  • the pH of 5% emulsion: 8.8-9.2
  • Chlorine, Diethanolamine, Formaldehyde Release, Biocides, Mercurials, Nitrite, Phenols, Phosphates, Silicones, Sulfur: None

Performance Benefits

  • Boeing approved
  • Operator friendly- this product has virtually no odor in use and is very mild to the skin
  • Extended tool life- reduces noise, flank, and crater wear and prevents built up edge
  • Long fluid life in both central systems and individual sumps
  • Residue free parts and machine tools
  • Complete rejection of tramp oil
  • Easily recycled for reuse or easy waste treatment using standard metalworking fluid waste treatment systems
  • Bimetallic corrosion protection for parts and machine tools

Recommended Dilutions

XTREME CUT 250C is to be mixed with water for use (add concentrate to water)

  • Grinding: 3-5%
  • Machining: 4-12%

Concentration Control

The chart below was prepared using an Atago Master M refractometer and dilutions of XTREME CUT 250C in distilled water. Refractometer readings can vary with the type of water and refractometer used. Atago Master M refractometers are available from QualiChem, Inc.


XTREME CUT 250C (Formerly Q-CUT 250C) is packaged in 310-gallon, one-way tote tanks, and 55-gallon, non-returnable steel drums. Bulk and 5-gallon pails are also available.